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The perfect gift for a love one, friend, family member or someone who deserves a treat. Give them a gift card to use when booking their next treatment.

You will receive a download link on the following page after purchasing, this will also be sent via an email of confirmation which will be sent to you once you have purchased a Gift Card this can then be forwarded or printed and given to whomever is receiving the Gift Card.

Please note that this download link will remain active for 30 days, in for whatever reason your download link expires please contact me immediatly and I will make a note of the person who the gift card was intended for and honour it when they book their treatment.

Gift Cards can be used as full or part payment for all purchasable treatments, but cannot be used to purchase more Gift Cards. 

If the treatment costs more than the value of the Gift Card, the additional amount can be paid separately. The whole Gift Card must be used at once, the remaining balance cannot be retained or refunded.

Your Gift Card balance will remain valid for twelve months after the date of purchase.

 All Gift Cards are non refundable once purchased.

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